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    [Wanted] Css/xhtml/Seo Expert!

    Who am I looking for?
    I am looking for experienced person who have advanced knowledge of: Tabless coding you know Css/xhtml or whatever but must be very clean coding and very advanced, And im also looking for your knowlegde with SEO like knowing everything site promotion/site traffic being able to get us members tons of unique visiters etc.

    Remember im looking for 1 person with these Skills! but if your only good at one and is very advanced in 1 then i am interested as well

    What type of site is it?
    i will discuss with you once i know you meet the requirements by looking at past work and so on since this is going to be a great site in the future i wish not to blow up the secret!

    Company Name: Will be disclosed to qualified parties only.

    Theres no pay!:
    NOTE: This is a an upcoming site. There are no guarantees you will make money right away hopefully we can share profit made with in the ads. I would not be wasting my time if I thought this did not have great potential, BUT, like with anything, the future is unpredictable.

    Please PM me if you are interested or if you have any questions or emial me [email protected]

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    Contract agreement saying that the designer earns a percentage of profit to prove worthiness?

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    ^ what? read what i said There are no guarantees you will make money right away but yes we can split money between the ads. this site is going to be big eventually i will discuss everything with the party who is accepted so if we make small money we split if we make big money we still split..

    this site will be fun mainly!

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