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    icybluehosting or other WhmReseller hosting

    I'm moving away from sonataweb (the left me 20 hours with a configuration error on php, without responding to my tickets, and I've read bad things about them in the last days).
    Now I'm looking for an alternative and I'd like to have the chance to resell reseller packages (WHMReseller).
    I've found which offers WHMReseller and has interesting prices: did you have any experiences with them?
    May you suggest some other reliable alternatives ?
    These are my requirements:
    min. 3GB space
    min 75GB/mo transfer
    cpanel with whm and whmreseller
    SLA with guaranteed uptime (At least 99,8%)
    max price 14$/mo

    Thank you

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    WHT doesn't seem to have much details about them, try searching for reviews.
    Please PM me if you need any updates or help.

  3. Have you ever thought of upgrading to a VPS?

    If you really want to resell reseller packages then you might benfit from having root access.

    You can also be sure that you are getting a certain amount of resources rather then being put on an overloaded shared server.

    It may be worth checking into....

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    WHM Reseller is not good, this can cause issues for hosts, possibly why your other host went down!

    Recommend either a VPS or a small dedicated server.
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    what kind of issues can WHMReseller cause? this is interesting

    which provider would you suggest offering vps with cpanel ?

    thank you all

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    When you think about it, having a second layer of reselling on a server is pretty bad. That's why it causes instability. WHM itself wasn't meant to have a second layer of reselling added to it.

    For example, you have resellers. Then those resellers create shared and reseller plans. Then those sub-resellers create even more shared plans. It's a recipe for a severely overloaded and uncontrollable server environment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orcic
    I'm looking for an alternative and I'd like to have the chance to resell reseller packages (WHMReseller).

    Theres no shortage of cpanel hosts.
    They are a dime a dozen, so take your pick. ONE major problem that we see in the industry today is resellers of resellers of resellers.
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    WHMReseller only goes down one level and if you dont have overselling enabled and monitor your resources it's a nifty tool for your end users to have.

    If you think about it, you're still selling the same bulk space and bandwidth. It's just divided differently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theprimehost
    WHMReseller only goes down one level and if you dont have overselling enabled and monitor your resources it's a nifty tool for your end users to have.

    If you think about it, you're still selling the same bulk space and bandwidth. It's just divided differently.

    That's what I intend to do.
    I need to grow as musch as needed in order to go for a dedicated managed server (I don't want to get bothered with all server management and security issues).
    The only key point is to find a reliable provider which offers WHMReseller

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    How wrong so many people are about WHMreseller.

    I am the developer of WHMreseller and we have seen this wrong perception develop in the Hosting commuinty. What I feel is happening here is many of the established hosts are suspicious of anything new that smaller competitors may be using. They are dismissing this new software on offer without even knowing the first thing about it themselves.

    Let me explain:

    WHMreseller is totally safe. The only hosting businesses who are currently buying WHMreseller are the new, younger hosts who are not set in their ways. So what this means is they are using WHMreseller and whatever issues they have are completely UNRELATED to WHMreseller. The issues they are having are due to the fact they are young and inexperieced hosts. If only some of the established hosts would try and see the possibilities of our new software. As pointed out by someone else, only 1 level of reselling is allowed. The software istelf has NOTHING to do with overselling - its completely up to the Host. For example these young startup hosts may oversell despite our software, it has nothing to do with our software, our software can be used correctly or it can be used wrongly - just the same way hosts now can oversell their servers without our software and other hosts can be responsible and not oversell.

    I can't stress this enough - our software is perfectly safe and controls server resources the same way WHM itself controls server resources - its up to the Host themselves whether they use it for good of for evil - so to speak.

    So why is WHMreseller safe? This is why. What it actually does is divide up a server in much the same way as VPS software does, except only one Operating System is running. It gives its Master Resellers the ability to effectively run a mini "root" version of WHM - fully safe and secure - though obviously more limited than the full root version of WHM. It basically lets the Master Reseller have more options, more control, more features. Now they can manage both cPanel accoutns and WHM accounts - just like the root user can, except only within their own server allocations (space).

    We have decided to rename WHMreseller to VPWHM (Virtual Private WHM) to try to overcome this misconception that has developed in the industry. WHMreseller is NOT some reselling structured software with levels of resellers etc. NO !! WHMreseller is like VPS, it divides a server up into areas giving Master Resellers a certain amount of disk and band, in which they can create their own WHM accounts and cPanel accounts - like the root user can. We've just added a new feature to WHMreseller in V2.0 that lets these Master Resellers, migrate entire reseller accounts from a remote host, as well as have complete control over backups. This is what WHMreseller does, it gives more control to the reseller so they effectively have a mini root version of WHM themeselves. We are competing with VPS as a far cheaper and simpler alternative. With WHMreseller you do not need to be a server administrator to use it. With current VPS you need to know how to manage a server, with WHMreseller - the host manages the server, keeps all services running, while the Master Resellers simply setups up WHM accounts and cPanel accounts through their WHMreseller interface. Its a much simpler solution for many who want VPS but don't have the skills to really use VPS, or those who don't want the hassle of having to manage a server. We think WHMreseller (to be renamed Virtual Private WHM) has a huge future as a MUCH cheaper and simpler alternative to VPS. We are continuing to develop it to give even more control and options to its users.

    I often wonder if many of those who are saying bad things about WHMreseller are infact doing so because we are competing with VPS?

    Even now we have made agreements with some international Datacenters who see the future possibilities of WHMreseller. It may be small now, but its growing and we beleive will be far more common in the not too distant future.
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