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    2G of Memory - Only Running MySQL - 3/4 of RAM eaten up?

    I am running a server with 2G of memory and the only thing going really is MySQL, no Apache or PHP.

    When I do a "ps -aux"... the used memory adds up to around 100 Megabytes or so. Yet the largest "hog" is MySQL at 22Megabytes (of a maximum 128MB allowed to it). Here is my "top" output...

    Mem: 2075004k total, 1417444k used, 657560k free, 134056k buffers
    Swap: 2047988k total, 0k used, 2047988k free, 1171664k cached

    Is this normal in Linux... Any gurus want to chime in on this one?

    **NEVER MIND** Found the answer here...

    Looks like the server is putting the RAM to good use.
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