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    What does it mean?

    Hi people,

    I'm just wondering what you guys understand if I say I'm giving you guys a "Fully Managed" server.

    I've seen many many ads on the offer section which says "Fully Managed". Not too entirely sure what they mean by it or what they are reffering to. What is your perception when you're told you'll be getting a "Fully Managed" server?

    Hope to hear some of your views and etc.


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    It means that the provider will manage your server from securing it to optimizing it. Some providers also will watch your server entirely and fix anything if there is a problem with the server. The only thing you need to do is to setup an account or maintain your own website.

    But, there are many other providers' definition of fully managed service is different. Make sure you ask or email them first.

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    You should always get the hosts definition of fully managed so there are no surprises later. Many hosts that offer fully managed do not give you root access and is something to consider. The reason they don't is so they do not have to fix something you "break".

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