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A pioneer in outsourced Server Support services. We specialize in providing truly effective outsourced administrative services to customers who demand results.

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Available Services

Full Server Support & Management:
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- Pro Active Service Monitoring & Response Services
- Load Monitoring and Response
- Detailed & In-depth Enrollment Process
- Security Vulnerability Audit and Risk Assessment Services
- Multi-Point International Firm with 'Clean' Connections.
- Secure Faciilty and Information Access Regulatory Standards in place.
- Pre-Emptive Vulnerability Response & Patching
- Automatic + Free Software Updates (3rd Party & Core OS)
- Installation of Firewall System (SSG Custom or APF)
- Installation of R-FX Tools
- 3rd Party Software Versions Monitoring & Response
- On-Demand 24x7 Level I, II, and III Techical Support Services (UnlimitedRequests)
- Disaster Recovery Planning & Response
- Industry Leading 5 Minute Response Time SLA
- Optional End-User Support
- Optional Remote Backup Services + Management (Powered by DataVault Pro)

Per Task Support:
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- Administration Services performed on a per-task basis. We handle most Level I-III tasks, as well as complex administration tasks. Kernel Upgrades, Software Upgrades, Script Installations, website updates, website moves and more.
Most tasks are handled within 2-4 hours.

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Quickly deployable emergency help when you need it the most. Receive professional assistance in as little as 10 minutes.

Questions? Click the live help link my signature. We're available around the clock. Even when everyone else is sleeping