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    Streaming with Windows Media Service


    I would like to stream audio and video with the windows media service. If I understand this right, I don't need to pay extra for the windows media service, just for the windows server 2003. I have never used windows for hosting services or streaming so far, therefore I'm a bit confused, which version of windows server 2003 I need and which license. Can someonw help me here?

    Or is there a better solution to stream audio and VIDEO so that the windows media player can be used?


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    Yes ther is no need to buy any additional packages/software to run windows media service it is inbulit. You can opt win2003 standard edition itself.

    Easy to configure and work with windows media server. Just adding suitable extension's/site in this will enough.
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    I saw, that I can buy the win2003 standard editions with different numbers of CALs. How does this work with streaming? Do I need a license per client who watch the stream? Or are this licenses only for local users who connect to the server?

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    You just any standard windows 2003 version. You don't need to buy additional Cals. Those come into affect when you're doing more complex setups.
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    You can purchase Windows 2003 Web Edition, as it's cheaper than Standard and Enterprise editions. There are no extra charges to pay for the users connected to your server/stream (as far as i know).

    Windows Streaming Server is the best choice to broadcast audio and/or video, but if you only want to broadcast audio, SHOUTcast Server is the best solution IMO.
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    Thanks for the information. I just found the following on the microsoft site:

    Note: Windows Media Services is not included with the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system, Web Edition or the Itanium-based versions of the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating systems.
    In this case I will buy the standard edition.


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