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    about the hardware?

    i have a question,
    i want to colo server and i need to buy the hardware,
    for dell server,it the my choose,i am not sure if dell is very stable?

    another question,
    abount the HDD,can i buy parts or tools held in reserve and not buy all from dell?
    bacause it will save dome fee, but i am not sure if this will affect the stable of the server?

    can you give me your thinking?


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    Dells are fine, if they're within your budget. As for spare components, you're really only talking about hard drives and RAM. Everything else will be proprietary Dell products (except for the processors, which won't go bad). As for reliability on the replacement components, depending on the brand, they'll be as good or better than what Dell would sell you. Example: Dell likes to use knock-off SCSI drives, so purchase Seagate replacements and you'll be doing better than Dell's drives would.

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    hi,tical,thanks for your experience,i learn much^^ i want to confirm what you say angain,do you mean the most compent of the server buy from dell and the HDD and ram could think about buy form others by self? if yes,how can i sure if the ram and HDD is really suit for the dell server? and another question,why is dell some server with 160g sata HDD only?and do not offer larger one? thanks

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