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Thread: Boredom

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    I think I mispelled it. Right now I am having my three routers and one of my switches ping each other thousands of times with data from 2000-4500. Its oddly amusing. I then did a regular ping from a work station to a switch on the otherside of the network, with not too much data and am getting timeouts to about 3200ms. This is oddly amusing . Later when i get my other cord, I will have some load balencing in effect and can push it even more hahahahahahah

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    Grr..... My computer lost the post.... lets try it again

    Yes, you spelled "boredom" right.

    Oddly enough, I find it oddly amusing... I can see this as a LAN party event. Router battles, see who has the toughest router ..

    I would do this, but I dont have a good enough router.

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