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    Phpmyadmin DB backup, netbunch??

    I've been having lots of trouble backing up my databases lately. The only way I know how to do so is with the 'export' function in phpmyadmin.

    Lately when I try to backup the entire database, I get a 'connection reset by host (or something)' error, after downloading a few megs.

    My host is Netbunch. Does anyone have any clues/solutions (please try to refrain from 'leave Netbunch' comments...)

    On a side note, some of the options I don't quite understand include "Maximal length of created query"--if this is set to a low number, will the backup be 'truncated'?


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    I'd submit a ticket to inquire about the error you're getting as you shouldnt have trouble exporting from phpmyadmin unless theres a corrupted file or something wrong on the system config side and so on.

    Good luck.
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    e-gads! submitting a ticket to netbunch is like submitting a ticket to a black hole

    are there other ways to easily backup a database?

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    If you have ssh2 to the server you could easily do it using mysqldump.
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