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    [help] 2 servers behind router and want them to serve pages based on domain

    Ok, heres the problem...

    * I have 2 servers "RaQ" & "proliant".
    * I have them connected behind my router (Netgear FVS 328), with port 80 forwarded to "RaQ".

    Now, my question is... Is it possible for all requests for a domain ( to get sent to "RaQ", but if someone requests say... "", then the "proliant" serves the request?

    I only have 1 WAN IP, and each server is assigned a LAN IP (192.168.x.x)... With my current setup, I dont think it is possible, but I'd like ask to confirm. If this is possible behind a LAN, how would I set this up?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I think this can be done through the ACL in the roter. You need to check the ACL confuguration of the router.
    ESC :wq!

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