Hi All,

I would like to develop an application targeting web masters who have shared hosting accounts. I don't want to support just php, pearl, ruby or asp.net. I want to support all of them but don't want to write different code for all of them. So, this is what I am planning. Any critiques of this approach?

1. There is a component which needs to do periodic database operations, which can require the program to run for few minutes. So, write this piece in C++ and call it periodically using cron / scheduler.

2. There is a component which shows results on web page. I am thinking of writing this one also in C++ as a command line exe, which returns an xml on command line. Now for different hosting packages, i.e. pHp, perl, asp.net etc, I plan to use the equivalent of "system" command, which will execute this exe and return the results to the calling script, which is an XML in this case. Now parse this XML and show the results.

So, hopefully the only component that I will have to write in all supporting scripts is the XML parser.

Will this work?

Will most of the shared hosting providers, who allow database connectivity and some sort of CGI, also allow running any binary in the CGI or are they usually restrictive?