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Thread: Facebook woes

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    Facebook woes

    Okay, so I'm pretty bored and was finally actually looking into getting a Facebook account to try and curb my boredom. Of course they required that you have access to an 'exclusive' address before you can register and unfortunately my employer hasn't wound up on that list. I also don't attend college and don't have access to an approved .edu address.

    Does anyone around here have permission and the capability to create an e-mail address at one of the approved employers, high schools, colleges, etc... that Facebook requires to create an account? You can check out the list here:

    I'm not all that interested in paying $50 to UC Davis to get an 'alumni and friends' e-mail address to sign up and was hoping that someone here might be able to help.

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    if you PM me your email I will send you an invite you can invite other users using any email address
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