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    What motherboard support 1.8V DDR 333MHZ?

    I am wondering if anyone knows what motherboards will support 1.8V DDR333MHz PC2700 memory? I have a bunch and am having a tough time to find a board that will support it. Would like dual with sata if possible. I know all the supermicro boards that take DDR333 require 2.5V.

    Thanks in advance..

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected]
    it's either 2.5v PC2700 DDR333 or 1.8v PC2-4200/DDR2-533. never really heard of 1.8v DDR333....
    really? check these out;
    download micron com/pdf/datasheets/modules/ddr/DDF18C64_128x72DG.pdf#search=%22mt18vddf12872dg%203.6v%22

    www dragonmodz net/%7Etwiz_files/E3_Stuff/micron_2.JPG

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    Ah my bad, thanks very much. Long week thats all I can say in my defence :>

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