Free FTP/MySQL Script Hosting for one month when you purchase the PhotoSpit Script*

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We are now doing flash tutorials for the script, PM me for demos and prices!!!

PhotoSpit Script v1.1-One of the best image hosting scripts ever!!!


To purchase please visit

User interface

* Image editing(emboss, charcoal, resize etc)
* Applet upload
* Zip archive upload
* Hotlinking disabled by default
* Registered users can have private and public viewable albums
* Album slideshows
* Users can search for images
* Email account verification
* Convert image format
* Easy to remember album URLs e.g.
* Hotlinked thumbnails show site name, image size, and image dimensions (the screenshots page has examples of these hotlinked thumbnails)

Feature packed admin panel

* Enable hotlinking on an account to account or site to site basis.
* You can set sizes for guests, registered users, and zip archives.
* Set publically viewable directories
* Modify site templates
* View recent images
* View image referrers
* Delete users
* Modify users
* Delete images

Server requirements

* Unix
* PHP 5.x.x
* MySQL 4
* ImageMagick 6.0
* Ioncube(Bundled)

And for only $9.95 unencoded^, you can't go wrong!!!

^The index file will be encoded for licensing purposes



THe Photo Script, Developed and Installed by Photospit, works excellant, My main reason for liking it, is that it is much more user friendly and easier for the end user to understand. I highly reccommend this script to anyone wanting an excellant dependable easy to use photo script. Otis


Wonderful script it has all the features what a Image Hosting site could ask for, Infact more. Impressed!! Allwin Samuel Jeba

*Not available if you take advantage of the $9.95 offer