Hello there, once again I am open for more projects. So, if you have something please consider taking me =).

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Recent Projects:
http://spookyismy.name/clients/thefeedtv/ (Coding Only)
http://spookyismy.name/clients/uno/ (Coding Only, Passphrase is the alphabetical form of the question number.)
http://spookyismy.name/clients/transformersmoviebuzz/ (Coding)

Experience & Background:
I have been coding for about eight years now and I do whatever I can to please my clients. All of my prices are negotiable. Payments accepted via PayPal using either Transfer or Credit Card methods. I do invoicing for record keeping.

Contact Me:
AIM: "Ryan Barr AIM" (Excluding Quotes, Including the trailing AIM)
E-mail & MSN: ryanbarr -at- gmail.com
Private Messaging is loved =).

Thanks everybody.