Hi all,

Please review our website and do let us know about your likes and dislikes. We have been working on this new project since last 3-4 months and finally it has been completed. We have also tested it but if you find any bugs please report so that we can fix them as soon as possible.

Note : A visitor can use all features except "Image Randomizer" and "FilmStrip".. So set your profile which would take less than a minute, requires (username, password and email) and you will be able to see "My Images" link in header. (a visitor has different view of "My Images" as compared to registered users.

What is ImageOx..

Its a FREE image hosting site with tons of features which were requested by many of our community members as well, we have about 100,000 members of our forums, but yeah not all requested but still a lot of people suggested many features, so BIG THANKS to all of those who emailed us and suggested different features.

Website Address : http://www.imageOx.com

Main Features

The best of all is its FREE service. Following are the major features of this website.

1. Image galleries / photo albums - manage your galleries (title, description, Styles, add, delete), you can make your galleries public/private, published/unpublished or even password protected.

2. Image series (folders) e.g family images, my friends, my photography (ad ,remove, rename etc)

3. Image SlideShow (with wonderful preloaded 17 Flash Effects for your images), also displays image title and description as well.

4. Autorun Flash CD presentation - create autorun CD presentation with your uploaded images. It supports background music i.e. .mp3 format, you can browse/view the images in Full Screen mode, play imageshow, stop imageshow, pause imageshow, stop music, play music, pause music etc.

5. Image Randomizer - get code for one of your series which will give you a static code (URL) for your series and each time you refresh the page (image page) it will display a random image. You can get different size code for image randomizer (100x100, 200x200, 480x480, 600x600 and its actual size). Its really a useful feature for forum user specially, because you can display different AVATARS and different signature in each of your thread, you will always have a random signature/avatar in forum. It can also be utilized on auctions or displaying image before google adsense.

6. FilmStrip - you can create FlimStrip from any of your image series, and get its code, its a Flash movie displaying images (100x100 thumbs) and scrolling from right to left, you can get code for both horizontal and vertical styles. It can be added in website header for displaying your products or anything like family images, avatar galleries etc.

7. User Profile - Set your profile (register), and all your public galleries will be listed there, any one would be able to contact you(yes/no), (email privacy, public name, biography, website address, location, avatar, address etc. You can also set (yes/no) if you want people to leave comments for you on your profile. Other options are contact, comments/reviews, send to friend, add to buddies. User can "Edit Profile" soon as they register / set their profile.

Image Features
Following are the features for the image(s) uploaded.

1. Resize image to (options)
2. Watermark image (12 different styles)
3. Copyright bar (set your text to be written on the image)
4. Image Resolution information (e.g. 800x600 written on image)
5. Image Resolution information on thumb (e.g. 100x100 written on image)
6. Include date - display date (upload) on the left side of image (3 different styles)
7. Photography border (beautiful shaded (transformed) border
8. Pixel border around the image (choose colors)
9. Allow / disallow comments on images
10. Image rating
11. Image options - set image title, description
12. Image View - Author name, title, description, original name, comments, ratings (votes), date uploaded, filesize, dimensions, image views and instant code. If you share image code from one of your gallery, it will automatically include "next image, previous image, and album name and link.

Miscellaneous options

1. Search in Images, Galleries and Profile
2. Browse public images, galleries and profiles

Webmaster Tools

Currently we only have Image Uploader tool available. You can place image uploader on your website and set its display style i.e height, width, colors etc. If you are logged in to the ImageOX, it will automatically add images into your account without visiting imageox.com It gives you code within the same FRAME, you don't need to leave the website once you add uploader to your website. Its very useful for tutorials' website and forum users.

International Languages

ImageOx.com is designed in such a way that it will support all international languages, currently it only supports ENGLISH, but in next couple of weeks you will be able to browse imageOX in German, French, Italian, Romanian, Dutch etc. If you are willing to help us translate this in your OWN language, please contact us, we really appreciate your help.

If you use/test it, please leave a review here for us to improve this free service.

- Ali..