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    where are the raid config scripts in RaQ 550 and XTR restores?

    when i put 550 os on my xtr, after finally getting it working the raid setup screen offers me raid 0 or raid 5, i choose raid 5 but instead the silly thing gives me 4 drives in one large raid 1 config!

    now, although i have the mdadm tools installed, it doesnt look like i'll be able to remove the raid 1 from 3 disks and create a raid 5 without killing the install.

    so, my plan is, to retsore to XTR state, then leech the scripts that config the raid via FTP, the restore back to 550 and replace the scripts with thgeh XTR ones before i run the config wizard.

    anyone know where these scripts are stored in the filesystem?

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    /etc/mdadm.conf I think..

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    found it, it's /usr/local/

    i had to edit it to copy a customer raidtab instead of generating one. now means i have a raq XTR with 550 OS and RAID 5 across 4 disks =)

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