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    Hi there!
    I´ve been reading this forum for a while, and always have asked for advice about hosting accounts, resellers, experiences, etc.
    But now that I´ve found a very good and reliable (and affordable) webhosting company, I need to tell everybody about it.

    I live and work in Argentina. And I´ve tried argentinian, american, and uk hostings.
    All of them were nice, I must admit it, but once that I´ve found more than a year now, I love them.

    They are a company that I think is american or spanish, because I must pay them in euros.

    The price is affordable: starts with 6 € per month (69 € per annum), and they give you 1 gb of disk space, 10 gb bandwith, unlimited mysql, cpanel, etc (the complete list is here:, but the features are not the most important thing in them.
    (they also have a "mini" plan of € 29 per annum).

    You can find the same features for a similar price elsewhere... but they REALLY TRY TO HELP YOU in your hosting issues and problems.
    They don´t have telephone support, only tickets, but they answer really (and I mean really) fast (anyway, I wouldn´t call them because of the distance).

    I must say that their suppor is the best by far that I´ve encounter, and I´ve tried some.
    They´ve tried to help me on scripts installed by me, and they shouldn´t do that... not in a cheap, shared hosting.

    Anyway, this are my 2 cents... I just wanted to tell you about this webhost... I didn´t find an opinion about it at WHT yet.



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    Hi Rosamunda

    Thanks for writing such a thorough review here on WHT. Glad you're doing fine with minervahosting. Please do come back and update us again here at WHT in the future!

    Take care.
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    Its always a little iffy when a host uses domainsbyproxy or other anonymous registration services, but the review looks good and your site matches up.

    Thanks for the review

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