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    Angry Beware of

    We recently hired this guy to do a template for our site and he got us good.

    The original agreement was that he would provide a template, PSD's, and an invoice (receipt for tax reasons) for the price of $200.

    He seemed like a real honest person, and I had noticed that he has posted here quite a few times so I trusted him. We went ahead and wired him the $200 to expedite the project, and in the end we were ripped.

    It took nearly 3 weeks to get the html and gif's for the site when we were originally told 2 days. Then he did not want to provide the PSD's and he has still not sent the receipt. In addition, the design was not what we had agreed on, and he was not willing to fix it to work with our site.

    We are now stuck with an unusable template, and no proof that we paid for it other than the original Western Union money transfer form.

    Ultimately this is our fault, but I wanted to warn you all about this individual anyway. He does not live in the US so if he does something similar to you, there is nothing you can do.

    Chris Miller
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    Sorry to hear this!

    I have been burned twice this year, once by a hosting company and secondly by a domain registrar. Sometimes you can take all the nessarcy percuatioins and still run into problems.

    Goodluck.I hope everything works out for you in the end!
    Sarah :c) - live remotely hosted cPanel & WHM demo hosting service.

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    <snip wrong thread>

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    Go to and look at the whois:
    <<< removed >>>
    As you can see it has fake registrant info
    Also because of the Record last updated on 07-Jun-2002 it means they may have just made the info fake
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    3 weeks?? now youre trying to make things up, in the 3 weeks time, you requested modifications and stuff, i didnt just sat down and did nothing, the original template took 2 days, the modifications took a lot of time, and was it 3 weeks? goshhh. Did Not want to give you the PSDS????? I have sent them to you.... you were the who requested it by sending emails to an enexisted address... now it`s the receipt you told me to send the receipt b4 tonight, and it`s still
    5:04PM, now here`s what you`ve done to me...

    p/s: and the reason i changed the details is that i`m getting to the university in a week / 2, i dont want to have posts to my parent`s address.

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    We have used this guy to design our website. He was always in contact with us, giving us regular updates, and making the changes we requested in a timely fashion. He did a great job for us and we were very satisfied with his level of service, and will be releasing the site he made for us shortly.

    From our experience with him, we can say nothing but good things about his work for us.

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    I really don't like the look of this thread,........

    I have got tawfique to design templates for me... and he has bent over backwards to get things correct. spending much more time than he was supposed to.....

    I have paid him via western union, that is his method as he cannot get paypal etc as he is based in MY and they don''t allow it. He is not in my experience dishonest, i have spoken to him at great length.

    He is guilty of probably being overworked, we have had many aim sessions over he past few weeks... I really don't think anyone was trying to rip you off - I am sure that Tawfique will come back and explain things about the psd's ... I had to wait for my invoice too, cos he was overworked but I got it in the end, hey no drama.

    Let the man explain before you publicly slander him.
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    Well what can I say - I have tried my best to please you and this is what i get in return. well thanks :-( . i already sent those psd's and I am only a small designer who is struggling to make my place - I am relatively inexperienced in business but have lots of creativity - I had no idead the invoice thing would make you so un happy or I would have done it before now - I am sorry but I had forgotten about it. I have not ripped you off, i apologise for the invoice not being sent, i have sent you the receipt, which i agreed to send it b4 tonight, where it`s still 5 PM here - Tawfique.
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