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    Server admin and end user support needed

    We are looking for a reliable and knowledgeable server admin and technical support company for our hosting business. We essentially want this company or highly responsible individual to take care of all of our web hosting needs. They would be responsible for server administration and end user support. This position is open to a small support company (2-3 people) or larger. This position is also open to an individual that would be available most of the time and have the right credentials. The company would be the primary contact for all hosting related issues, all technical aspects of server administration and customer support issues. This can be as simple as helping a client set-up email or as complex as setting up a server. The company must be available 8am - 6pm EST and also available for the occasional emergency. You would have direct contact with our hosting customers through email and the occasional phone call (hosting related phone calls would be routed to your email and most often they would be replied to via email, but there might be an occasional phone call you would have to make).

    We currently have 1 web server:

    Windows 2003 Server with around 30 accounts
    SQL Server
    MailEnable for email
    MySQL, PHP

    It is important that the one we select take customer service as important as we do.

    Please PM us if you are interested.

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    Good day!

    LIWIPLUS 'the support sages', is a dedicated web hosting technical support team from India comprises of experienced support professionals with more than a couple of years expertise in Linux and Windows operating systems environments. LIWIPLUS expertise in versatile hosting Control Panels, server setups, server monitoring, server hardening and so on. LIWIPLUS assures you the best of its quality web hosting technical support to its customers through the experience, expertise and knowledge of its team members.

    You can go for for a free trial period where Liwiplus provide you dedicated support and once you are satisfied you can sign up with Liwiplus. We assure that you will experience a great support with LIwiplus.
    LIWIPLUS looks forward for your positive reply.

    Please visit the website '' for more details on LIWPLUS's services, expertise and plans.
    liwiplus Team,
    The Support Sages

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    Shift the labor to SSG and enjoy your day!

    Hi there!

    Happy labor day! We @ have what you're looking for. Please review for more information on our plans. Or click the live chat link in my signature to talk to someone now.
    - Comprehensive Server Management & End User Support
    - Now 100% U.S. Owned & Operated
    - Now offering instantly ready end-user support.

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