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    Xlhost's nameservers?

    Hi -

    Not sure if anyone can help me on this. I recently leased a hosted server from Xlhost and I wanted to set it up as a web server. The only information they provided me in terms of a nameserver was a single IP address. They do not provide weekend support so was wondering if anyone here know what their nameservers are, or, do I need to setup my own DNS server?

    Any help really appreciated.


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    Ok, so this is what I did last night:

    1. Went to Godaddy where I had registerd my domain and selected "Domain Host Summary".
    2. Set NS1.MYDOMAIN.COM to the IP address that Xlhost provided me as the Nameserver.
    3. Set NS2.MYDOMAIN.COM as the same IP address.
    4. Saved Changes then went into Nameserver Summary and set the Nameservers to NS1.MYDOMAIN.COM and NS2.MYDOMAIN.COM.
    5. Logged into my server and went to TCP/IP properties and checked that the default DNS IP was the same as the Nameserver that Xlhost provided, it was.
    6. This morning did NSLOOKUP NS1.MYDOMAIN.COM and it returned the correct IP address (the one that Xlhost provided as the Nameserver).

    Now, when I ping mydomain it returns could not find host. Have I done the correct steps? Will it take more time to propegate or once nslookup returns successful I should be able to pin my domain?

    Any help appreciated.

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    It sounds to me like they gave you a dedicated IP for an A-Record.

    Meaning, you point your domain name to their name servers, and then make an A record for your domain with that IP address they gave you.

    Those nameservers may not be

    So you mineswell wait until tommorow and confirm it with them.

    Ive seen it done this way two times, but I dont know that much about it.

    For custom nameservers, im almost sure you need 2 dedicated IP's.

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    So if that's the case then what I've done with Godaddy is correct right?

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    No, you would put (,

    Yet I cannot be sure if thats correct for you.

    Once again I reccomend you wait for them .

    Let me know how everything goes.

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