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    Powweb (Is it good?)

    What's the catch?
    This place for package looks too good to be true.

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    I've personally never heard of them. How did you find them?
    Have you contacted them?

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    hi there!

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    This place for package looks too good to be true.
    If it looks too good to be true, it must be

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    Heavily overselling, would suggest you avoid that for a website that you value

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    it isn't really that they are overselling, I was with Powweb since 2002, then a few months ago they were bought by Endurance and we were all migrated to their "platform"

    Well their platform is a smoking pile of lizard fodder.

    So yes, avoid Powweb at all costs. I would actually call any prospective host and ask them if they are owned or affiliated with Endurance, and if they are, think really hard before signing up with them.

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    Right, Powweb has been around for a while, it's a fairly large host.

    The customer opinions I've seen about them are not very encouraging, I have to say.
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    For the most part I would say their service is on par with the price.

    If you honestly expect to use 20Gb storage and 400GB transfer you will be sorely disappointed.

    If you only expect to use 25mb disk and 1gb transfer per month your experience will most likely be just fine.

  9. POWWEB used to be very popular until they were recently bought out. Many, many clients have moved away since then.

    They might get it back together sometime but I would avoid them for now.

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    They do oversell, just like most of the shared hosts. I would seriously recommend something like ASO, hostingmatters etc. unless you need too much space.
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    best thing to do, is work out how much disk space you need, then look for a host offering 25% more than you need, that way you have more space if you need it in the future.
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    PowWeb used to be one of the best. But they sold out, changed OS, changed platform/infrastructure, changed staff. Performance has sucked since, problems surface daily, countless account migrations have been totally hosed, and the new concept of "Customer Service" has been quite the opposite. The only good thing is they have an active community forum still... which is now simply a great way for potential customers to realize they need to steer clear.

    Here are some of the main ongoing issues:

    But you can find endless others here:
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    I hosted a site with them a year or so ago and was COMPLETELY annoyed. Their control panel was the strangest custom job in the world. Wouldn't recommend them to anyone at all.

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    Powweb were good for the time that I was with them I left a few months before they sold and now im glad i moved when i did.
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    i signed up with them for 2 days when i thought my hoster did not have a version of mysql that i needed to run a certain script. so i called a bunch of hosts that came up in a search asking who had the newest version. they did. the control panel was alright.....but not great. i did not think it was set up very logically....but i tend to think a little screwy anyhow.

    the nice part about powweb is that i was able to cancel pretty easily and get a full refund. the price is not bad, but i think you get more for less $ on 1and1. although reading posts in this site i hear all sorts of bad things about 1and1. i just have never had a problem with them. so i guess if you are in the market for a new host you check out a few hosts that offer refunds within set testing timeframes.

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    currently, the deal with powweb is as following: every single day, since they moved us to a new platform in July, during the rush hours the sites are so slow that they are practically unreachable. They are not totally down, but a small page with NO images loads like 2 minutes, on DSL connection. You have to sit and stare at the blank screen for two minutes, until page finally shows up. Thats basically the same as being down. This is happening every day, for several hours per day. My traffic and revenue dropped twice compared to June. They are aware of it, but nothing is done for months, in spite of all complaints. People say other hosts are slow. You go to powweb and see what is REALLY slow!! LOL

    Run from them!!

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    I read alot about them I would avoid them at all costs, and if you read there faq's you can only use like XX querys on sql and like one time setup fee of like $10 per database.. bunch of ********

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    I was with Powweb for 3 years and was satisfied. A few months ago they were sold to a venture capital company called Endurance. This company goes around buying up hosting services. After being bought, Powweb has become a disaster. The level of customer service is pathetic. There are all sorts of problems with the servers. Avoid at all costs. Stay away from any host that Endurance buys.

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    Sadly this is the pattern with any host purchased by Endurance. When I first heard of the purchase, I did some research and found that the feedback from users of other webhosts bought by them was uniformly 100% strongly negative after the transition. I mentioned this, and was scolded and told that I couldn't compare past to future and that this would be different, and that it wasn't appropriate to have generalized pessimism. I collected quotes and specifics on how I searched, so that others could reproduce my findings themselves. I was subsequently banned from the PowWeb forums for a while.

    I have not posted since, but reading the forums now it's a huge vindicating "I told you so".
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