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Thread: PHP mail()

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    PHP mail()

    Why does this code e-mail the message twice right after the other?

    PHP Code:
                $from "forgotten@".$hostname;
    $to $lost_email;
    $subject "Password Reminder From ".$hostname;
    $headers "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n".
    "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\r\n".
    "From: \"Password Reminder\" <".$from.">\r\n".
    "To: \"User\" <".$to.">\r\n".
    # Mail message
    $message "
                Someone (hopefully you) requested that your password be reset, if you received this in error please e-mail your
                admin at " 
    $author_email "<br /><br />You're new password is: " $n_pass;
    $response mail($to$subject$message$headers); 

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    It shouldn't could you post some more of the preceding code (any loops etc).
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    This has been reported many times on the net that email repititions from the same action can be seen from email server configurations 'or' from the modulation that has been programmed from, in this case, PHP.

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    PHP isn't to blame here look to two things:

    - segfaults in your apache handler
    - proper configuration of sendmail in php.ini

    Note also that some 'web managers' or cache mechanisms such as 'fasterfox' or 'maxthon' will post multiple header requests for a single page as it is requested. If this is the case the result will be duplicate fetching of the page.

    Get FireFox and the "Live HTTP Headers" extension and make sure the requests are only being sent once.
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