Alright so I ordere a plesk license a plesk license a few days ago Monthly 30 Domain License, Now I buy this with Paypal since that is a payment option and my order is submited. Alright so everythings good well I get an email asking me to sign some form and enter in credit card info. Alright this isn't a problem but I'm told they don't accept payment via Paypal. So why on earth have it as an option when you sign up?

I now have to fax over the paper and now it has to be billed monthly to the credit card. Which in the long run isn't any different than using Paypal since its a Paypal Mastercard its just why would they offer it if they don't offer it :-P

Also ontop of that no one knows whats going on over there. I've been on the phone with 7 different people they keep transfering me telling me they don't know where my license key is or when I'll get it. I changed the email address that the key will be sent to and I said to the guy well will you send out the key to the new address if so when? He goes ok I updated your email. That wasn't my question Will you send out the key to my new email?*

He responds with I don't know. I've gotten a response finally via sending them an email which they said as soon as I send over this paper I'll get it but why did it take till 3 Days after the purchace and no one on the phone could tell me