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    Anyone know :

    just need your advise on this provider :


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    They've been in the hosting industry for a long time so you can definitely find many reviews by using the Search Function here on WHT. Just take a look around here on WHT for reviews on them and good luck with your search!

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    Im going offline for 2night, but it depends on what you plan to do on netfirms what kind of support, and uptime you are looking for....

    If you dont mind 24 hour+ support, *ok* uptime, (I havent really monitored it)
    But it seems to be really good lately.

    If your site uses mysql and gets 25+ visitors I would not reccomend them.

    They do have phone support, but its Canada based.

    Plus when I called I hardly got the problem resolved, they always had to *get back to me*. (Which they did) (Hours Later).

    They are really good for uploads/downloads & for storing site backups...

    But IMHO, dont count on them.

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    Do you actually need the huge amount of disk space and bandwidth offered by netfirms?

    Do a search on WHT for reviews, you will find plenty of reviews on them.

    If your site uses mysql and gets 25+ visitors I would not reccomend them.
    That's the limit with most shared hosting companies, not them alone.

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    If you end up deciding on using them, at least use their pcworld coupon.

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