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    web server for serving many small images

    Hello, I'm trying to run a gallery (page with lots of small thumbnails). Which webserver do you guys think is best suited for serving small images only?

    I tried lighttpd with the configuration:
    server.max-keep-alive-requests = 4
    server.max-keep-alive-idle = 4

    and it seems to be really slow when there's the request is around 15mbps. Any advice on a better webserver or a different configuration for lighttpd? Thanks.

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    Have you tried turning keep alive off?

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    Not yet but I'm trying that right now, I was thinking that keep alive on for lighttpd would be better when serving lots of thumbnails in a page?
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    I dont think keep-alive will do much for loading a huge amount of images at once. But I also dont think that the keepalive mechanism is slowing things down.

    Are you sure it is not just your HDD that is slow? I think static files are mostly served directly from HDD (expecially if your server doesnt have much ram), and thus 15Mbit of random files (spread over de harddrive) can be quite a load....

    Also check if your HDD drive is running in DMA mode (You can check/change that with 'hdparm')

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