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    # Server-pool size regulation. Rather than making you guess how many
    # server processes you need, Apache dynamically adapts to the load it
    # sees --- that is, it tries to maintain enough server processes to
    # handle the current load, plus a few spare servers to handle transient
    # load spikes (e.g., multiple simultaneous requests from a single
    # Netscape browser).
    # It does this by periodically checking how many servers are waiting
    # for a request. If there are fewer than MinSpareServers, it creates
    # a new spare. If there are more than MaxSpareServers, some of the
    # spares die off. The default values are probably OK for most sites.
    MinSpareServers 5
    MaxSpareServers 10

    # Number of servers to start initially --- should be a reasonable ballpark
    # figure.
    StartServers 5

    Is it a bad idea for StarServers and MinSpareServers to be the same value?

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    It is depend on average connections to apache.

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    could you elaborate on that? not sure how to optimize that

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    MinSpareServers, this is the min amount of idle Apache child processes, if all your children are doing something then Apache will continue to spawn children until there are the amount you set in MinSpareServers free for requests.

    Apache Default 5
    Recommend 10
    MaxSpareServers, this is the max amount of idle Apache child processes allowed, if there is more than this amount of apache children idle they will be killed off.

    Apache Default 10
    Recommend 15
    StartServers, the number of Apache child processes to be started when the Apache server is restarted.

    Apache Default 5
    Recommend 15
    MaxClients, this is the number of Apache child processes that will be allowed, if your apache constantly causes the server to start using swap then lower this number, I recommend for most servers to set this at 8 divided by amount of memory in MB.

    Apache Default 256
    Recommend 8/Ram in MB (e.g... 8/1024 = 128Max Clients for 1GB ram)

    MaxRequestsPerChild, I find this to be one of the most sensitive Apache settings, to low and you will kill your server with load, to high and you can get memory errors... Unlike some people I recommend never setting this to 0, or a number above 1000, some servers with low amounts of ram may benefit from this being set low while others who have got high load but lots of ram may benefit from having this high. This option is the number of requests an Apache child will be allowed before it is killed off and another one takes its place.

    Apache Default 0
    Recommend 64

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