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    Getting Rid of All Old Files and Starting Fresh

    I have a dedicated server running Red Hat 7.2. It came with Apache 1.3.20 and I upgraded to 1.3.24 and had some problems with Webmin not picking up the new version of Apache. I uninstalled Webmin and recompiled Apache and Webmin and I can't get the Apache Server to start in Webmin.

    Can somebody tell me what I need to do to start fresh? I've come across all kinds of tutorials on how to install Apache, but I would like to know how to upgrade. I'd like to remove all the files from Apache and Webmin so all the old stuff is gone. What do I need to get rid of so all the Apache files are gone that were installed when Red Hat was set up and the files from the regular Apache install? Is it best to just use the default configuration?

    I'd also like to compile PHP 4.2.1 and MySQL with Apache on my server as well. What steps do I need to follow in order to do this?


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    You will need to go to "Config Module" or "Module config" in webmin and set the path to apachectl and the start command.

    I can't remember now where a compiled apache puts apachectl but its not in the default spot that most RPM build put it.

    I remember when I compile apache 1.3.24 it told me the path on one of the last lines of the compile.

    Hope that helps.
    If not post back, and I will check my install when I get to my servers.

    [edit] however, I do not use RH, so it might be best if someone else replied.

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