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  1. #1 1300+ games, Low Bin US$50

    Easy remember Domain name

    new game site with 1300 games preloaded

    Lifetime license included for this domain name, here:
    (I am the owner of

    New game site, so please assume no traffic/revenue

    Auction end 24 hours from last bid 11 month left

    Start: US$30
    BIN: US$50

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    Do you own the full reseller rights to all of these games?

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    no, I do not own any rights to the games.
    Those games are free of use in the website.

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    to start I offer $35 ..

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    ok... it's nice. $40 from paypal verificated account.

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    man bin price is good too bad i have 4 projects going on at this time good price
    My Sites:| | | |

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    Please provide evidence that these games are free to use in any site, if they're not all made by you i'd like to know whether they're legal for their intended use.

    It's also a pitty you're selling the .net and not the .com as many people will try the .com and get a website.

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