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    Image rollover script needed


    I am hoping someone on the forum can help. I need a script that will enable me to change four images at once. Each image needs to have a seperate link, there will be 40 altogether but the rollover effect will need to work on four images per group, all four need to switch when any member of the group is rolled over.

    It is for a 40 uint condo site with 10 seperate floor plans. I want the viewer to be able to rollover one image of a particular unit and have the other 3 in the group lightup along with the one actually being rolled over. This will make it easy to see wihich floor plans are the same.

    It needs to have the onmouseout functionality as well.

    I have looked and can't seem to find this exact type.


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    You can do that with javascript : here is a page that explains how -
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    You can also visit for roll-overs.

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    Roll over done

    Thanks maiahost, I was able to use the one you directed me.

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