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    softslate anyone knows about the company?

    I am seriously thinking about buying their e-commerce solution. Since it is the only java based solution I can find within my price range(I am a java programmer…) However, I would like to know the company’s background a lit bit more before I spend the money. I did not get much info from their website. And there is no live store listed on their website. Any one know this company or have used their product?


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    Never heard about that company before. If there is no live store listed, they could be new and a Google search is more recommended to know how big they are in reality.

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    well, based on their website, i am pretty sure they are not big. But small is one thing, reliable is another thing. I did google. but nothing particully usful.

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    It is probably one-man project, so you can not find a lot about softslate, but search for David Tobey and you will find more information on his site including his Resume

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