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    Smile New hosting site

    Take a look at my new hosting site,

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

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    hi there,
    I would rate the site as an average looking site........

    couple of things:::

    the home page goes on only about design. What are you trying to promote as your core activity?

    The font's used on the site should be more in line with the web. ie: use something that is suited to the screen such as arial or verdana.

    Some of the subpages need more padding on the left of the text, as it sits right up agains the border.......


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    Your header could use some work, I don't like the scan lines and the images you have behind them, the logo itself is nice, just go with that, it flows better with the rest of the site look.

    You may want to look into re-doing your nav, not really sure why you are using images to display text, try shifting your nav around abit, group like things together, you have your web design and portfolio links in two different areas, if you are trying to sell web design, you want to have your portfolio link right near it so people can see what you can do. I would leave the "home" "about" and "support" links at the top and move the rest to the left. -- coming soon to an internet near you...

    Oklahoma Sooners all the way baby!!

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    Its neat except not interesting if you get my drift. I would suggest making the following changes;

    Keyboard Picture Take it into photoshop or paint shop pro and fad a white around the ages so it blends in with the layout.

    Font Change I dunno if you think I'm being stupid or not, but change the font to 'verdana' I think its better and just hate Times New Roman!

    Links down the side There ugly looking and don't really go with the layout.

    Nice Logo

    I think the layout needs more life put into it to be honest.

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