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    Hello all,

    I have decided to sell the domain

    This domain is registered for a full year at GoDaddy and I will push it to you for free.

    The domain has several thousand referances in google view here

    Buyer to pay via paypal at end of auction.

    Auction will end at 12:00 am monday morning. 9-4-06

    Starting bid $30

    BIN $300

    I do not have traffic details, this domain currently forwards to our web hosting domain.

    Any questions? please feel free to ask.

    Good luck and happy bidding!

    If I feel an offer is acceptable I will end the auction early.


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    OK seeing as it's a brand new registration, and most of the google links are to domain for sale threads. I think $10 is a reasonable price, if you'll consider a reduction in price.
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    Thisdomain has been sold.

    Mods, please close this thread.


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