Earlier today, I posted this same basic message as a reply to all the threads in which people had expressed concerns that NameCheap.com didn't have a secure server for account management tasks. As a result, I was scolded for digging up old threads, so I hope it's OK that I'm posting this as a separate thread.

It looks like now they do have a secure server for account management. I successfully logged on to their secure server this afternoon (there's a link to it on their home page).

With that said, it looks like they might have a few glitches to fix before it works seamlessly. When I tried to logon to the secure server, I got an error message, telling me that the page included both secure and non-secure items, and asking me if I wanted to display the non-secure items. If I answered "Yes," I no longer saw the little "padlock" that indicates a secure connection. If I answered "No," then I didn't see the banners at the bottom of the page, but I was able to log on securely.