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    [](West Coast USA) Introductory offer - up to 75% off any VPS

    Virtuozzo VPS plans based on Fedora Core 4 Linux with PHP5, MySQL4, and TomCat 5 available upon request. Free control panel available, but CPanel is available as an add-on for $30 setup and $30/month or bring your own license and install it yourself. Datacenter located about 300 miles inland from the West Coast of the United States. All the benefits of a West Coast location without the risk of tsunami or major earthquake.

    Not sure if you're ready for a VPS? Just curious? Our expert staff will be there to help you every step of the way.

    Our VPS plans are mid way between managed and unmanaged. This means that we will help you with just about anything you need help with on your VPS and will teach you how to manage your VPS upon request. The reason we don't call them managed, though, is because you still have to click your mouse in the free included control panel and occasionally type a little bit based upon our instructions.

    We're offering the following introductory discounts to WebHostingTalk readers on their first VPS account with us:

    10% off your first month when paid monthly
    20% off your first 3 months when paid quarterly
    30% off your first 6 months when paid semi-annually
    60% off your first 12 months when paid annually
    75% off your first 24 months when paid bi-annually

    How can we offer such a large discount? Well, our company philosophy states that we grow by helping our customers be successful. When you, as our customer, become successful, your success drives our success as you need larger and more complex solutions for your growing business. Also, we know server and network resource prices go down as time goes on, so when you prepay, you're actually buying into those lower priced resources.

    Setup is automated and generally completes within a few minutes of placing your order.

    If you want a control panel for managing your VPS, select "System Administrator Control Panel" and "Workgroup Administrator Control Panel" during the order process.

    Our VPS plans are based on Virtuozzo with Fedora Core 4 Linux and managed through HSPC.

    To get your discounts, use the following promotional code during the paid order process:

    Please note that the discount will not be available if you start with a 5 day free trial of a Starter-VPS and later upgrade to a paid account. To receive the discount, you must start with a paid account and supply the coupon code during the checkout process. The amount you pay is covered by our 90 day money back guarantee, though, so there is absolutely no risk to you by starting with a paid account.

    See the following URL for full details and plan specifications:,8f796f1011

    We accept all major credit cards (including Diners Club / Carte Blanche), Paypal, e-gold, checks, money orders, and wire transfers. Instant setup of paid orders can only be done with a major credit card or Paypal. Setup will be delayed until receipt and verification of payment for other payment methods.
    Andrew Kinney
    CTO, Advantagecom Networks

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    I was pretty excited until I saw the bandwith quota. Kind of low :-(
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    How much data transfer do you use? Which plan were you looking at? The larger plans have larger data transfer quotas, plus you can always add data transfer to your plan.

    We make a special point to sell data transfer in reasonable quantities rather than the massive over-subscription approach some companies use. We believe it to be more honest to give a reasonable quota that you could actually use given the plan.

    Sure, we could offer 1000GB of data transfer with a low-end VPS, but then you wouldn't really be able to use that much data transfer with a low-end VPS because of server resource limitations, assuming your web sites and/or applications even need that much data transfer to begin with. I think a lot of other hosts count on that and use the large data transfer quotas to lure people in, knowing full well that only a very small percentage have exactly the right setup to be able to use a huge amount of data transfer on a smaller VPS.
    Andrew Kinney
    CTO, Advantagecom Networks

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    Is it just the software that your using for the VPS that causes the installs to only contain half the files of the actual OS? It's like it strips it down to nothing.

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    Is it just the software that your using for the VPS that causes the installs to only contain half the files of the actual OS? It's like it strips it down to nothing.
    I'm not sure what you're referring to exactly. A VPS is designed to be a server, not a desktop computer, so it naturally excludes many things you might choose to install on a personal computer when installing the same OS from physical media.

    Is there something in particular that you need or were expecting to see that isn't there?
    Andrew Kinney
    CTO, Advantagecom Networks

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