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    Need Windows Host with IMAP

    I thought this would be a little easier to find but I seem to be having difficulties.

    I am looking for a web host with the following:
    --Windows based
    --IMAP access for e-mail
    --At least 10 GB disk space (more important to me than data transfer)
    --Ability to host at least 3 domains under one account (with both combined and separate control panel access for each account)
    --Under $30/month. I'm not looking for the cheapest. Quality of the company is far more important.

    Any suggestions?

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    You have a very good budget for what you're looking for. As for the IMAP, I think you shouldn't have problems with that (I always thought it was kind of a mail standard :-\, but who knows) -- just find out what mail server a host is using and check out if it supports IMAP, or the super easy way -- e-mail the sales team!

    Good luck with your search.

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