Hi, Im Selling Text Links And Adspace on my proxy website; nuproxy.com.

The Textlinks will go in both the CGI & PHP Proxy Url Forms which appear on nearly every page viewed through the proxy. From The Stats of The php proxy on average had 4136 unique since the 12 oth august until the the 31st on august and had 1789268 page views.

The Bannres will go on the main homepage and the homepage averages 200-300 visits aday with an average on 500 pageviews a day.

I will be selling Banner space for $10/month i can sell 3 banners which will go underneath each other and will replace the current google banenrs
and the link space $15/month i can sell 5 of the links which will replace the current google text links on the proxy.

Demo: http://s1.nuproxy.com/index.php?q=a...t&hl=1111101001


Email: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
PAYPAL: [email protected]