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    Need help with borders

    Guys and gals I need some help with borders. What I am looking for is the graphics for the border, and the command to use a css with the border. The design I have in mind is a simple steel rod border, maybe with a little texture to it, or maybe a wood texture border. This is my first attempt at doing a border design besides just the typical border="1" command. Thank you for any help.

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    To create a graphical border in CSS, you're actually going to create a background image, tile it along an axis and then pad the area to accommodate the space the border uses. So, you might create a small image that repeats across or down a page seamlessly. Then, you'd attach that image in this manner (we'll pretend you're tiling across the page, and the border is 15 pixels wide):

    .foo { background:#000 url(path/to/image.ext) top repeat-x ; color:#FFF ; padding-top:15px }

    <div class="foo">Stuff goes in here</div>

    Vertical tiling can be a little trickier, but the same principles apply. If you're trying to create a box around something, there are different methods depending on whether your box is fluid or fixed width and there are tricks to exporting your borders strategically so they match up with box contents regardless of how much or little text is within the box.
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