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    We NEED Designers, Developers, Support and Sales People.

    Otherground, LLC is looking for people to join our community of Technical Professionals.

    We have an aggressive marketing and sales team that reaches out to businesses that haven't yet put their businesses online.

    We offer free screenshots to to these businesses and we're bringing in a steady flow of new customers every day.

    We're looking to build long-term relationships with freelance technical professionals all over the world.

    We NEED Designers, Developers, Support and Sales People.

    Contact me here or via email for more information. [email protected]

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    Hi there
    I would love to lend a hand in being a support person in whatever area you need. I can handle simple queries regarding technical specs as well I can help resolve problems tat users may face. I have experience dealing with business users as I have managed small office netorks and serviced their computers as well as servers. I have spoent time answering question in the comouter category on Aloing with other online help services. I am available from 8 - 11 pm est most week nights and many more hours on the weekend. My hours vary but I am always online for at least two hours a day.

    contact me via pm or icq at 55796973 or msn/yahoo snoblader98


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    hey madtrig ya got email ? ... heh ... i dont have msn/yhoo/icq

    ! JC

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    I'm a programmer strongly skilled in php and asp scripting, completed several complex projects so far, any scripting project I could help with? Please let me know

    Best Regards,

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    Hello! If you need designers, aadstudio can offer you itself :-)
    Art Gallery:
    We`ll be glad to colaborate with you!

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    HI. We are wed design and development team.
    For more information you can see on our site

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    please contact me via PM regarding your opportunity listed above. will forward link to website and portfolio.

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