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    New site

    What do you think about my new site

    ANd board


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    Aug 2001
    hard to really say much about the site........
    not much there yet, and the header image wasnt working........

    but the current boxes that are there look ok...........


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    Mar 2002
    Northern Ireland
    The layout is plain and just nothing much to get high over. A ig problem with it is that the HTML is in a disordered matter so that different screen sizes notice the layout messed up over the page. The layout is totaly out of place for me.

    The forums are neat. I must admin, I've taken a fancy to Invision board except there not very good for customising with
    I suggest changing to vBulletin, phpBB or YaBB.

    Take this from me, fix up your layout because its just not suited properly around the page. But nice try

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