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    Google Adsense on a phpbb2 forum

    Hi guys, well I really need to know how the heck I should implant the google adsense code into my phpbb2 forum? Do I do this somehow in the forum settings, or in the cpanel of my host? What kinds of things do I need to do?



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    You can try that mod,

    InlineMod allow ad inline with post. Configure placement and display of add. Includes psedo-random rotator.

    -It's not about how much, it is about how to.

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    The really simple way is to insert the google ad code into the following files:

    index_body.tpl (will place ad on main index.php page)
    viewforum_body,tpl (will place ad on the forum topics page)
    viewtopic_body.tpl (will place ad on the individual topic page)

    In order for the google content ads to work best, the spider needs to crawl your data. Placing the google ad in only the header or footer will defeat the purpose of the content driven ad as the header/footer file is non-specific and does not have a indentifying tag for each page. Using the viewforum & viewtopic files, the spider can crawl each specific page since PHPBB assigns a consistent identifier to each one and can return the relevant ads.

    You can try moving it around in each of those pages to the area you feel looks best. I personally like it near the top of each page, but that is just a preference.

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    Hey mat... Now I have acessed and downloaded index_body.tpl, viewforum_body.tpl and viewtopic_body.tpl, now how the heck to I implant the google adsense code? Where Do I put it? Should I just open these *.tpl files with notepad?

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    If you guys look at this thread... you can see I got the ads on there but in the middle of the thread... I would prefer it to be up top in the banner. Here is a link:

    Please give me suggestions on how to fix this. And if you know of a good ad mod for phpbb2. Thanks!

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