Im currently trying to price up the cost to integrate ProSupport with my vbulletin/iono database.

Currently accounts are created via iono registration, these accounts are shared between the vbulletin and iono databases and any changes to the user password in one system automatically updates the password in the other.

Therefore ProSupport does not need to have its own registration form, I would simply edit the current register link to redirect to the iono registration form.

Summary of what I need.

- Prosupport login panel which checks the users in the iono or vbulletin database.
- Any change required so that the user details are grabbed from the database when creating a ticket (users first and last name and their email address).

I do not plan to start this project until the start of October but just wanted to see what the average cost would be, if its going to be expensive it may be more beneficial to purchase eSupport.

Thanks and kind regards,