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    Have 1U Server & Don't know what to do...

    I have a 1U SuperMicro SuperServer 2.0 GIG MHZ 1GIG of RAM with a 40 GIG Drive... sitting in my room for about 2 week now.

    I also had a Sun Cobalt RAQ 4 that I no longer lease. I installed RH 7.3, FreeBSD and Win2k Server about 3 times each.

    Can't make up my mind on what to do with it.

    Very soon I will be again taking some classes in school and eventually I will do some VB and ASP. Maybe I should install Win2K Server and SQL Server.

    Should I continue using RH and install all the goodies of BNC (irc bouncers) load IceCast or Shoutcast and start streaming.

    I also thought of sharing the server with a friend and move few domains on the server.

    I do miss ChilliSoft from the RAQ I had which now I have to buy if I want to use ASP or VBScripting and such.

    I really don't know... I am stuck. I also thought of hosting certain type of sites at no cost or free. Good cause etc... I also have a business friend that can collocate for free on T3 Line but than I feel obligated to return favors / or / work.

    I can also host on a OC3 Line @ 150/month but only 60 gigs of transfer per month. If I was to stream / shoutcast 128bit stream @ lets say 200 listeners that's quite a bit of traffic.

    There is allot of controversy with MS and *Nix. Security might play a role but if put behind a well maintained firewall with updated/patched IIS, and all add-ons disabled i.e. LockDown I should be safe.

    P.S. One more thing I would like to add. Darn books in college doubled in price since 2 or so years ago. I guess if they can't raise the price in tuition than do it on books.

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    I can help you with your problem

    I can put these servers in our rack, manage the servers, host reseller accounts and split the profits....

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    You could allways just give it to me and let me decide what to do with it. ;-)

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