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    931 & - For Sale (Original Content/Logo)


    I am selling the following websites: (

    The domain is registered at NameCheap and expires 02/15/2007.

    All the content and graphics on the site are original and have been designed/written by me. Although the website does not have a flow of traffic towards it, it is Adsense ready. All you have to do is replace my code with your own Adsense code and you are ready to make money from the website.

    Curious about what a Dognine is? There is no actual meaning to the word. It is a mix between 'dog' and 'canine', which is another word for dog. The name is easy to remember and quite catchy.

    *Note, the .PSD's will be included with the sale.

    Price: $105

    ********************************************************* (

    The domain is registered at NameCheap and expires: 02/19/2007

    A database of websites which are displayed at random with a click of a button. Users pay a fee to have their websites added to the database. Once a website is added, it is in the database for 3 months and at this point the user has the choice to pay again or remove his website from the database.

    I started this website and I generated a lot of traffic and users from it. I made a good profit but to tell the truth, I have become occupied in other projects and have not had the time to focus on it. As a result, traffic has decreased. I am putting it up for sale today at a discounted price and hope that the new owner will take charge and advertise this website to get it to reach its main potential.

    You will receive all files included with the website and all rights to it. There are a few clients which still have to have their websites included in the database (will disclose which ones when the time comes)

    Upon purchase, I can write a tutorial on how to use the database script.

    If you have any questions regarding this website, please Private Message me.

    Price: $120

    Please note: Payment via PayPal. I will transfer the files as soon as I receive payment. This post is also listed at IWDN:

    Thank you

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    Considering is Labour Day weekend, I think I should have a sale, no?

    New prices: $95 $110

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