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    * is this a possibility?

    Question here!!

    You guys prefer registry rocket or the normal procedure.

    further if you buy reseller account from some other reseller & he/she terminates your account & lets suppose you have 100$ balance already in it, then what will happen?

    your money is lost? who gets the money enom or that reseller?

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    I don't think anyone actually "prefers" Registry Rocket. But if an eNom reseller wants a branded interface and doesn't want to either A) download and customize the API, or, B) pay the $99/year for the new PDQ product, then Registry Rocket is an easy, fast way to begin selling domain names and to provide new domain owners with a place to control their domains and renew them. An eNom reseller would not use Registry Rocket to register domain names. Rather, that is something he would provide to his customers.

    As for your question about what happens if a reseller sub-account beneath a direct reseller account is terminated while said sub-account has a positive balance...

    ...I'm not sure that a reseller can cancel a reseller sub-account if it has a balance, can he? I've never tried it. But I thought I read somewhere or heard or something that that couldn't be done. I could be wrong, though. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in experimenting by creating a sub-account, converting it to reseller status, funding it with $100 and then trying to cancel it. Sounds like a question for eNom support.
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