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    Question Plesk or Ensim and Fedora Core or CentOS

    Hi guys,

    I bought a new IBM X306m to dedicate to one customer ONLY, what is the best control panel "Plesk or Ensim" to control one domain ONLY, I don't mind to pay for 20/30 domains license, I just want a stable and easy to use control panel.
    And what is the best OS to run "Fedora Core or CentOS" on the control panel advised above.

    P.S.: My other servers and running cPanel, but paying again $1225.00 USD for a buggy control panel just to dedicated to one customer it's too much.

    Thanks in advance,


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    There is no best choice, it's just opinions, look at your requirements and what the panels/OS's offer. Choose what YOU need, not what others reccomend...both are premium control panels.

    Check out the demos, see which has the most features you require or want.

    Fedora has more support seeing it's made by Redhat...CentOS has less support but is a open source (free) version of Red Hat enterprise which is probably the better choice but if you are newer to linux, probably go with Fedora because of the support.

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    Thanks for your opinion.
    This dedicated server will serve static website and mails.
    But it should serve mails quick and resist to heave duty traffic, since this will serve 100 mail accounts, some of them will store mails in the server and use a webmail to read the mails.

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