Servers & Domains has ultra-low cost web hosting plans to host from 1 to 5000 websites.

Our control panel is designed for resellers, reselling to direct customers as well as to other resellers.

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Here's the deal that beats out all else!

EACH website has 500 MB for web files
EACH website has 250 MB for email storage
EACH website has 20 GB per month of data transfer
EACH website is on a GIG-E Network w/redundant capacity
EACH website is hosted with 99.95% uptime OR BETTER!
EACH website is distributed for balanced load across hundreds of web servers!

EACH website also includes:
Unlimited POP3 and Webmail Email accounts
Unlimited hosted sub-domains
Web Statistics
File Manager
FTP Access
Flash, Frontpage and Dreamweaver support

Up to 25000 MySQL databases. 5 databases and 50 MB of MySQL storage per website. Just $35.00/month. Flat Fee for 25000 Databases.
Unlimited Webmail accounts and an additional 250 MB of Email storage per website. Just $35.00/month. Flat Fee for 5000 Webmail sites.

Also...Our hosting is compatible with the scripts found in Fantasico!

Our network is designed for reliability. Our GIG-E network is exceptionally fast and built on redundant fiber optic providers.

A Shared Server Farm is Better than a Shared Server!
We provide multiple mail and web servers, multiple IP numbers and different servers for email and web files for each domain, to prevent downtime of your website. Your websites are distributed across hundreds of servers. We really can provide hosting for 5000 websites per reseller!

Resellers can host up to 5000 of these websites, with databases and webmail for just $120 per month. For no additional charge, resellers get fully automated client management and billing software that can be used to sell ANY product. Not just web hosting.

Do that math! That is over 5000 GB of disk space and over 100,000 GB of data transfer. The equivalent of 10 dedicated servers.

>> 5000 Websites + 25000 Databases + Unlimited Webmail, for just $120 per month!

>> 5000 Websites + 25000 Databases, your cost is only $85 per month!

>> 5000 websites ONLY, your cost is just $50 per month!

Also, Servers & Domains offers reseller hosting packages on 4 different hosting platforms. From ASP.NET on Windows IIS servers, with H-sphere to cPanel hosting plans with RV Skins and Fantastico.

Servers & Domains also has VoIP Broadband telephone service.

Make calls PC to PC for free! Low international rates from $0.03 per minute. All you need is a broadband Internet connection.

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Servers & Domains isn't just a "me too", low cost hosting provider. We are a Reliable web hosting provider with Smart web hosting Solutions for your Business! We've been around for more than 6 years and have more hosting platforms and options to choose from. You'll find what you need at Servers & Domains!