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    Wanted - Custom Job - Helpdesk / Backend application design.


    I've been developing an in-house customer management system backend with a ticket system for use when I get back into the business (not for awhile). However, the only thing I can do is code, I'm no good at designing! I'm just going to toss out some general requirements I'll need. If you could post back with your portfolio and give me a quote of some sort (just a ballpark), that would be awesome. Also a timeframe on how long this project would take. It's actually 2 (well, 4..) different interfaces, but I'd like them to sort of integrate, design-wise.

    1 - Customer Management Backend System.

    - Needs two interfaces, one for staff, and one for customers. I do not have the customer backend coded yet, so it has not been "designed" yet. I'm not positive on how I want it to look just yet, but those who will work with me, I can figure this out sometime soon. The below is just pertaining to the staff interface right now (I'm sure some of it will be the same on both, etc..)

    - Header logo on top (will need to be made, can be uniform throughout whole system.) with a few links off to the right (maybe we can make these nice looking buttons for them?)

    - Right now I have a AJAX style menu below the logo that loads up the menu dynamically depending on the menu you choose. This can be changed around.

    - Menu on the left, that goes more in depth of the section of the person is accessing

    - Then off to the right past that left menu is the main content. I can code this all in, basically I just need some nice looking table graphics to put in.

    - I would like some little images for operations (edit, delete, view, etc.. I can get whole list later.) It will most likely be quite a few. But don't need anything absolutely perfect, lol.

    That about does it for the management backend. Nothing new or really different, however I do want a custom look. Now for the helpdesk.

    2 - Helpdesk

    - Again, I only have the staff interface going right now.I can shoot some ideas out about the customer interface later, once I figure out who I want to do this for me.

    - Logo on top like before, with links off to the right (images here too maybe?)

    - Menu going across the top below the logo, except there isn't a menu that comes up below those. They are just one hit stops, I guess you could say. Buttons for them would be sufficient.

    - Left menu below the top menu, with some stats and useless information Images for the topics would be sufficient here (for the table rows)..

    - In the middle off to the right of the left menu, is the main content. Nothing much really needed here, I'll need some table row header images for the ticket listings (different colors), maybe gradients or something would look nice? And again, in the ticket itself, nothing fancy.. might need a couple images for buttons, and some table row gradients. Nothing too hard I wouldn't think (except if I was doing it, lol)..

    OK, thanks for hanging in here, I know this is a LOT of reading, but I wanted to explain myself. With that said, I am VERY OPEN to new ideas. I can recode around your design if you have this new and radical design that I like. That would be awesome, and give me the uniqueness I want. Now if this pops up the price a bazillion dollars more (not literal of course) then I may say no.

    I do not have all the money in the world to spend on this, but I am willing to be a bit into it for a quality product. I want a designer who will work with me, and get it how I like it instead of saying "oh here you go!" and send me off on my way, even if I don't like it.

    I am not looking for this to be an immediate project. I am wanting to evaluate as many designers as I can and try to pick the one I want to work with. Depending on price, kind of determines how quick I'll do this. Again, I don't have all the money in the world, but I don't want something cheaply done just to get it done.

    Feel free to contact me however you can.. responding to this thread would be great, PM's are fine, AIM is fine, email is fine as well.

    AIM = RPDiver07
    Email = [email protected]

    Please only reply or contact me if you are serious about this. I don't want a premade template or anything like that.

    OH! PS: I will do all the coding of it, I just need the images, and maybe a simple one page (of each interface) HTML page of it. Either way no biggy, however if you don't include a html page with it, I'll need to know exactly what goes where, be it by screenshot, or whatever.

    Thanks all for reading this!
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