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    Question What to do with extra space?

    Alot of these hosting plans offer huge ammounts of storage which I know I'm never going to use, as my entire site is less than 10MB. If I get a plan that comes 400-500MB of space, it'll just be sitting out there and I'll be paying for it (granted space is dirt cheap these days). Is there anything useful I can do with it, or is there any way to make a couple of bucks off of it?

    Also, a side question: I own both a credit card and a PayPal account. Although I've heard a few problems with PayPal, isn't it generally be safer to use them instead of giving out my credit card number?

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    Most web hosts sell plans with the assumption you won't use it all.....and only about 1% of users do. You can always resell hosting.

    As for the credit card, I wouldn't worry if its to some 3rd party processor like 2checkout or paypal, and plus most CC companies offer protection against this stuff.

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    If you got a cheap hosting with a lot of space. Dont worry about your extra space, just save it incase you need to put something there in the future. Dont go in a hassle of selling that space to someone else.

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    Many customers would use the extra storage to store some documents, family photos and so on. As long as everything is legal I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

    Paypal can be safer in many cases but most reputable hosts with Credit Card processing option should be very safe as well and your credit cards should be encrypted in the system after you order via your host for direct cc.

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    Smile xtra space, PayPal vs. Credit Card

    I would not want to get into a business relationship with my extra space unless I was a reseller. Then I would have more control over being able to accommodate someone using my extra space for a profit, e.g., shifting bandwidth or providing even more space if needed. Instead I would just offer it to family and friends to post photo album or whatever. I especially would favor encouraging children to create their own space in a sub-domain. It could be a great learning experience for them w/o being overwhelmed by a formal account. You could also put up a forum or blog to pursue your own personal interests.

    I feel a credit Card transaction is safer than transacting directly with PayPal. When I go to make a purchase with PayPal, they now push the direct bank withdrawl option by making it their default. They present a weak argument for favoring their preference. You now have to switch away from their default settings to choose to make a credit card payment. I use PayPal but always with my credit card instead of permitting them to enter directly into my bank account. If they withdrawl from my bank account, I have no recourse for their action or my purchase. With a credit card company, they will go to bat for me in case of a dispute. PayPal is tired of tying up their time and resources getting caught between purchasers and their credit card company disputes. Is why they want to deal direct. Is good for them but bad for you. That is my humble opinion.
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    What to do with extra space?
    Nothing, if you've got nothing to do with it. Enjoy the great service to the extent that you need it.

    If you've got the time to learn and administer this, setup a place (a forum and a gallery) for your family and friends to interact and share pictures etc. In time, that should take care of the extra space you've got, but with the high resolution cameras of today, you might run out of it sooner that you really want to.

    As RMIGHTY1 said, I wouldn't start reselling if you're not really building a hosting business.

    My advice is, don't worry about it, or think that you're losing money if you're not using 90%+ of the allocation you've got, because you're not paying for space and data transfer, but for a service that comprises much more important things. If the service is reliable and you're getting good support for under $10 per month, I say that's a great deal.

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