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    Post Pair Network - 30 Day MINI Review

    Greetings, one month ago I was here in these forums seeking advice on a better web host. Original Thread: (showthread.php?t=533692) (I cannot post full URL as I'm new here).

    Ultimately I decided on Pair Networks and promised to come back in a month with some comments. So read on for a 'mini-review'

    Setup Experience (10/10)

    The pre-sales questions we had were answered quickly, we literally did not wait on hold at all. They even went above and beyond in my opinion in helping me regain control of my domain. Our previous host had registered it and we had no idea how to change the DNS pointers. The staff at Pair performed queries on our domain and put us in touch with the correct people (at a company we had never even heard of). Emails sent from the Pair system were received at my workplace email confirming our setup/billing details almost instantly. Finally I am not sure if the 48hours for DNS to propagate is an old myth but our domain actually started hitting our Pair account in only a few hours (from more than one ISP). Throughout the entire setup process you can tell Pair is a mature hosting company. I did have an issue with my credit card not going through the first time and due to the unique setup key they provided the Rep on the phone got it resolved very quickly (ie Under a minute).

    Reliability/Uptime (9/10)

    Pair placed our account on the 'aoba or www443' server. During our first 30 days this server registered 30 minutes of downtime.

    08/02 4:47PM - encountered an error and was reset. Downtime was about 10 minutes.
    08/06 11:06PM - became unresponsive and needed to be rebooted. The shadow drive failed on restart and was replaced. Downtime was about 20 minutes.

    Pair is amazing about disclosing any downtime and has a multitude of methods you can be notified via including Pull from web, Push to Email and RSS. Unfortunately if you subscribe to the RSS feed you will receive notifications on all of their servers making the feed useless in my opinion!

    Manageability / Ease of Use (7.5/10)

    Pair networks is quite frankly different than any other web hosting company I have dealt with. Obviously what they have works for them very well but it has a distinct 'homebrew-Unix' feel to it. If you are comfortable with CPANEL for example you will not find anything like it on Pair. I have not used the system long enough to know which is better. I do know there is a lot of technical jargon in the interface tools and my wife for example would not be able to manage our account. Oddly I find I am starting to get used to it and like it. One complaint my wife had was the webmail uses a very simplistic version of Squirrel Mail where our old host used Horde which had a lot more bells and whistles.

    Price (8/10)

    We were able to obtain free setup based on a code from this forum. The monthly fee is quite high relative to other offers on the web. Pair is not an overseller however from what I can tell in an industry where that is common practice. At the end of the day we feel what we are paying is reasonable and if the first month is indicative of service levels we will eventually commit to a longer term. They have a sliding scale where signing up for longer terms results in higher discounts.

    Overall so far..... (34.5/40) (86%)

    I will try to come back near the end of November with an update. Happy hosting


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    Thank you for the review. Please let us know what your thoughts are in November.
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    Thumbs up

    Great review, very informative. Thanks.
    Everyone is entitled to MY opinion.

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    Nice to read a very informative testimonial, and glad to hear you're a satisfied Pair customer!

    I can't help but ask, if this is a mini review, what would be a mega review?

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